Bird’s delight, Nuthatch

Symbolizes: Intelligence, competitiveness and being steadfast
Month: All months. Period of breeding: April + May

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Bird’s delight are good news for gardens
Attract garden birds and enjoy them all year round. Putting out the right feed will bring more breeding birds to your garden.

Sitta europaea

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The “hanger” is made of iron, which will rust beautifully and become less visible in the tree or wherever you hang it.

The nuthatch is a very common breed bird in Denmark, and it belongs to the family of Sittidae. In Denmark we find the nuthatch in older deciduous forests and in different parks. Outside Denmark the nuthatch is found in most of Europe, through Asia and all the way to the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

The nuthatch is a small compact bird with a powerful beak and a short tail. It has a blue-grey top side and a much brighter underside, and it is characteristic of the nuthatch, that it has a black stripe running through its eye. It is typically between 13-15 centimers.

The nuthatch is omnivorous, as it eats both insects, seeds and nuts, and it prefers to breed in the holes of old trees. These are rare in many forests, and therefore we can observe intense competition between the birds that breed in such places. To avoid competition with the big birds the nuthatch builds the hole in the tree with mud so it fits its own exact size, and in that way the nuthatch shows that it is intelligent and able to compete. The nuthatch is a very steadfast bird, and it does not migrate easily. It usually reuses the same nest for several years.  Furthermore the nuthatch is the only danish bird that is able to climb with its head downwards.

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Dimensions 20 × 8 × 1 cm


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