Founded in 1996, Glas & Glimt, is based in Skørping, Denmark. It is an glass artisan workshop and online store.

Gitte Klarup, Founder and Creative Director, express her world view through fusion glass creations. Her work focuses on new and unexplored forms and her signature lies within the coloring resulting from an innovative glass color technique. She strives to deliver unique pieces with meaningful, aesthetic and humorous message. She aims to lead the viewer towards positive thoughts and associations and create objects that will give them joy in their daily lives.

Gitte grew up in Denmark’s seaside Skagen treasured for its dancing sunlight, fierce wind and deep passion for art. Lazy summer childhood days were spent in her grandparents’ garden, down at the harbor or horseback riding on the beach. Today, her home and studio are both nestled in the Rold Forest, sheltered by lovely, crooked old beech trees. Hence, it is the creatures of the sea, the garden and the forest that pulse through her Nordic life and art.