Long-tailed tit (12 x 4,5 cm)

Symbolizes: Socialitet, family, success and adaptability
Month: All months. Most visible outside the period of breeding though

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Aegithalos caudatus


5 in stock (can be backordered)


The long-tailed titmouse is a very common passerine bird in Denmark, also spread in most of Europa and in Asia. The long-tailed titmouse is between 12-15 cm, of which 10 cm form the tail. It is easily recognized because of its appearance – The underneath is light and the plumage is characterized by a pattern of black, white and reddish colours.

The long-tailed titmouse prefers to live in deciduous forests and bogs, and we often see that it forages in the outermost boughs of the trees in flock. During the period of breeding it prefers to appear in pairs and more discreetly though. The long-tailed titmouse is therefore a more rare sight during this period.

The long-tailed titmouse is a very social bird, and it travels in family groups all the year round. This is connected with the very unique and social breeding system of the species. Breeding pairs often have helpers by the nest. These helpers are typically closely tied birds, including grown up young ones or siblings. The nest is build by the pair itself. The first attempt of breeding happens around March or April, and the female long-tailed titmouse lays 9-12 eggs in the beginning of May.

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