Wren (8 x 5,5 cm)

Symbolizes: Creativity, vulnerability and friendliness
Month: All months. Period of breeding: April

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Troglodytes troglodytes


4 in stock (can be backordered)


The wren is a small bird, brown as rust. It is between 9,5 – 12 cm, and it weighs 8 – 13 grams, and with that it is the smallest bird but one of Denmark.

It is characteristic of the small wren that it often bristles its tail, and moreover the strong and clear song of the wren is heard all the year round. Actually the wren is heard more often that it is seen.

The nest of the wren is pretty special. It is ball-shaped and with an entrance hole on the side. The male wren is building the nest. It is very creative and contains of moss, withered leaves, grass and twigs. The male wren often builds several different nests to attract the female wrens. The male wren with the most and finest nests is the most attractive one.

The wren is a very common passage migrant and winter visitor from Scandinavia. The majority of the Danish wrens are sedentary birds, and that is exactly why the song of the wren is heard all year long – The bird defends its winter territory by singing.

Owing to its size the wren is very vulnerable to frost. The birds try to flock for the night so as to keep the warmth in, but there are clearly less wrens in the spring after a hard winter.

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