Black Woodpecker

Symbolizes: Shyness, nervousness and drumming
Month: All months. Period of breeding: April

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Dryocopus martius


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The black woodpecker is an impressing sedentary bird, which is already noticeable when looking at its appearance and its size. It is the size of a crow actually! Besides a red skullcap on the male black woodpecker and a red top on the female black woodpecker, the species is pitch-black – just as most of the crows. The drumming of the black woodpecker is as heavy and impressing as its size, and the drumming of the bird can actually be heard a pair of kilometers away. Moreover the black woodpecker has an impressing high voice.

The black woodpecker breeds in most of Northern Europe, Central Europe and Eastern Europe. In Denmark the black woodpecker is a species few in number and it is mostly found in Northern Jutland and Southern Jutland.

As other woodpeckers the black woodpecker also uses its beak to shape the nest in trees, and it prefers to build a new nest each year.

The black woodpecker lives on ants, and it sticks around 1000 ants to its tongue, and these ants then constitute one whole meal for the black woodpecker.

The black woodpecker is seen all year round, but it is very shy though!

Especially in the beginning of the breeding period around April, we often can hear its voice in the forest.

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