Kingfisher (10 x 5,5 cm)

Symbolizes: Shyness, peace, prosperity, sunshine and love
Month: All months. Period of breeding: April + May

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4 in stock (can be backordered)


The kingfisher is a rare Danish breeding bird, and it belongs to the group of Coraciiformes – a group of very colorful and primarily tropical birds. The kingfisher is without exception! It is a very beautiful and vividly colored bird, and with its powerful blue color on the bag and its orange color underneath, the kingfisher is one of the Danish breeding birds with the most exotic appearance. Moreover it has a characteristic heavy and sharp beak.

The kingfisher is about 16 cm, and it weighs 40-45 grams. The name of the bird is said to be derived from the Dutch Eisvogel, meaning iron bird and thereby referring to the metallic sheen of the bird.

The kingfisher lives close to small rivers and lakes, where it can find fish. Its survival depends on good vantage points from where it hunts. The kingfisher uses its sharp beak to nosedive after small fishes or water insects, and it is seen as a rocket rushing low over the water, while a metallic calling is heard. The kingfisher is very shy though, and for that reason it is rarely seen.

The species is widely spread in large parts of Europe, The Southern Asia and local in the most northern part of Africa. In this country the kingfisher is a sedentary bird, so it is seen all year long.

The female kingfisher lays 5-7 eggs in April or May. As soon as the young ones has left the nest, the pair experiments with the second brood.

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Dimensions 5,5 × 10 × 0,6 cm

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