White wagtail (14 x 5 cm)

Symbolizes: Elegance, trust, movement and sociality
Month: March + April. Period of breeding: May

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Motacilla alba


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The wagtail is an elegant passerine bird, and in Denmark it is regarded as a common breeding bird and as a passage migrant.

The wagtail has a very characteristic look. The plumage is black, white and charcoal grey, and what particularly characterizes the species is the very long tail.

Moreover the wagtail is characterized by its lively emotions and the characteristic and constant movement when the wagtail wags its tail, of which the wagtail also has its name.

The wagtail prefers to live nearby built-up areas, in gardens or in open areas like the moor or in a field.

Outside the period of breeding thousands of wagtails are gathered in places to spend the night, and thereby obtaining a better protection against beasts of prey.

The wagtail is a true herald of spring. It arrives in March and April and migrates south again around September. It is only a few wagtails who spend the winter in Denmark.

The wagtail lives in couples. A few male wagtails have two mates though. The wagtail breeds with pleasure close to human beings, and it lays 5-7 eggs in May.

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Dimensions 14 × 5 cm

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