Lapwing (13 x 7 cm)

Symbolizes: The coming of spring, the relation between nature and human beings and country life
Month: February. Period of breeding: April

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Vanellus vanellus


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The beautiful lapwing is a wading bird, which breeds in Europe and in Asia. I Denmark it is found on tidal meadows or in grass areas, for instance by the Salt March, but in cold winters it prefers to migrate south.

The lapwing used to be a very common bird in Denmark, but because of the changed growing methods of the agriculture, which has caused less grass areals, the amount of lapwings has fallen drastically during the 20th century.

The lapwing is about 30 – 32 cm, and it is easily recognized on its black-green plumage and its long feather top on top of the head.

In Denmark the lapwing is regarded as a bird which tells us that spring is about to come, as it arrives from Spain and France already in the middle of February. The lapwing is also a weather bird though, meaning that it is seen all year round in Denmark if the winter is warm.

The lapwing has a characteristic voice, and in the spring we can often observe that the lapwing

performes an unique acrobatic flight over the areas of breeding in order to mark its territory.

The nest of the lapwing is a hollow in the vegetation, which the lapwing builds with its body and its feet, and the eggs are laid in April.

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Dimensions 13 × 7 cm

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