Rock ptarmigan, winter

Symbolizes: Monogamy and resilience
Month: All months under arctic conditions

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Lagopus muta



Ptarmigan, a gallinaceous bird, belonging to the group of forest chickens. The rooster and the hen are almost similar in size, 4-500 grams and about 35 centimetres.
The wings of the ptarmigan are white all the year round, but the plumage itself varies according to the season. The plumage is completely white in the winter, while the summer plumage has  yellowish brown spots. The rooster keeps his white color until late spring though, in order to clarify his presence.
The ptarmigan has the same mate for the whole life. The hen lays 7-11 eggs in the beginning of July, and the ptarmigan prefers to live in flock outside the period of breeding, that is if weather allows it.
The ptarmigan is able to live through the winter under arctic conditions, thereby demonstrating great resilience.
The ptarmigan lives in mountains and in other stony areas in parts of Scandinavia, Iceland, Scotland and Siberia, and it eats berries, shoots and different plants.

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