Symbolizes: Day activity and protection
Month: All months. Period of breeding: August

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Tetrao urogallus

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Capercaillie – a very huge gallinaceous bird, not found in Denmark, but breeds in the rest of Scandinavia from Scania and further eastwards through Finland og Russia. It is a much coveted game.

The capercaillie hasn’t reach Denmark naturally in recent times. It has been set in different areas of the country, and one population succeeded in Bornholm in 1891, but it survived only until around 1918.

The rooster is twice the size of the hen, and it is up to 100 cm long, and weighs up to 6 kilos, while the hen is up to 60 cm long, and weighs 2,5 kilos.

The capercaillie has several different shades in its plumage, and the most characteristic features of both the rooster and the hen are the white spot of the wing, the red spot over the eye and the extended tail, which can spread like a fan.

The capercaillie prefers an open forest, where it lives by bogs, glades and in the edge of the forest, and it has most activity during the day, while the nights are spend i old trees. These so-called ‘sleeping-trees’ are often used for several nights in a row.

The capercaillie is a sedentary bird, thus visible all year round.

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