Waxwing (12,5 x 5 cm)

Symbolizes: Resilience, migration, courtesy, gentleness and gratitude
Month: October - May

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Bombycilla garrulus


4 in stock (can be backordered)


The waxwing is a very characteristic bird which cannot be mistaken for any other bird. The big top on the head is the most conspicuous feature of the waxwing, and moreover we can notice marked yellow and red spots on the tail and on the wings, which light up on the brown primary color of the waxwing. The waxwing also has a characteristic black bib. It is about 18 cm, and it weighs roughly 55 grams.

The waxwing is widespread from the most northern part of Europe, over the North of Russia and Siberia to Alaska and North Canada.

The waxwing prefers to breed in old forests with a rich vegetation of berries, which contain the main part of its food. The waxwing does not get intoxicated by ferment berries, as it has a very huge liver, and that is why it can burn off a large quantity of alcohol, thereby demonstration resilience.

The waxwing does not have a regular route of migration, and with that it is regarded as a species of invasion, and as a Romany or traveller it plans its rute depending on the amount of food available in the areas of breeding.

Typically we can hear the beautiful voice of the waxwing from October till May, though if the waxwing has problems finding food it arrives with pleasure earlier and leaves later.

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