House sparrow (11 x 5,5 cm)

Symbolizes: Monogamy, sociality, community, friendliness and prestige
Month: All year

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House sparrow – Passer domesticus


13 in stock (can be backordered)


The house sparrow is only found in occupied places. It has always been closely tied to human beings and their domestic animals, and that’s way it is never seen on small islands without human beings.

Since about 1970 the number of house sparrows in Denmark has been halved, which is a cause of the more efficient farm holding and the better insulated houses, making it difficult for the house sparrow to forage in barns and stables.

The plumage of the male and the female house sparrow is dissimilar. The male house sparrow is known for his brown top side and his grey underside. Moreover he has a characteristic black chest, functioning as a status symbol between other male house sparrows. The one with the most black chest is the most prestigious. The female house sparrow has a more consistent greyish brown color.

The couples of house sparrows stick together for life. It is typically the male house sparrow who makes the nest, while the female house sparrow hatches out the eggs. The young ones are fed by both parents, and the young ones develop individual callings, and thereby they make it possible for their parents to distinguish between them.

The house sparrow is a very social bird. It is gregarious and it forages in smaller or lager groups.

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