Blackbird (10,5 x 4 cm)

Symbolizes: Musicality, defence and fragility
Month:  All months. Period of breeding: April - August

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Turdus merula

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The backbird is a passerine bird, and it lives in the majority of Europe, parts of Asia, in Australia and in New Zealand.

The blackbird is easily recognized. The male blackbird has a glistening black plumage with just a little yellow circle around its eye, and an orange beak. The female blackbird has a more dark brown color, and on the beak is just a single yellow spot visible.
The blackbird is known for its deep and melodious calling, which we can hear both morning and night. The blackbird has plenty of different callings. For example is a hysterical blare heard, when the blackbird takes flight, or a loud fine calling is heard, when the male blackbird marks his territory in front of other male blackbirds. This calling is also used as a warning to other blackbirds of a bird of prey nearby.
The blackbird prefers to breed in occupied places between the months of April and August. The majority of the Danish blackbirds are sedentary birds, but a number of female blackbirds and the young ones migrate south west in the winter. The male blackbird often stays behind to protect his territory. In this period the blackbird lives on windfalls and different berries, and that’s why the blackbird often takes up residence in residential gardens with fruit trees and bushes. Many blackbirds starve and freeze to death during the winter, and the blackbird is therefore said by some people to be fragile.


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Dimensions 4 × 10,5 × 0,6 cm

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