Small Tortoiseshell (10 x 4 cm)

Symbolizes: Nationality, territorial behaviour and colorfulness
Month: March

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Aglais urticae

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Small tortoiseshell – National butterfly of Denmark – a true herald of spring, wakening up from its hibernation when the temperature in March hits more than 8-10 degrees. It is moreover spread in almost all of Europe and through Asia to the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

The small tortoiseshell is with a wing span of 40-52 mm a small butterfly, but its color is very conspicuous. It has a deep orange ground color with black, white and light blue spots and colors. It is found everywhere with areas of nettles.

Especially the male small tortoiseshell is known for his territorial behaviour. If a disturber of peace, another butterfly or an insect approaches the territory, they will be chased away.

During the winter we can often find the small tortoiseshell in cellars or cool lofts, the preferred places to spend the winter. The eggs are laid on the underneath of the nettles, and a new family is born late in July.

The small tortoiseshell has its flying time from March till October.

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Dimensions 10 × 4 cm
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