Mackerel relief, Blue

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(Dansk) Mål: 30 x 10 cm.


The mackerel is to be found from the northern parts of Norway and Iceland and to the North of Africa. It lives in open waters, usually in the upper reaches of the ocean. It is moreover a very fast swimmer, and it is able to rise and dive into the water very fast without any troubles. The mackerel often appears in large shoals from the surface of the water and to a depth of 200 metres.

The body of the mackerel is shaped like a torpedo. The back is blue-green, and the belly is white. The male and the female mackerels have nearly the same size, with a normal length of up to 30-40 cm – and max 60 cm.

The mackerel spends the winter in shoals near the bottom of the sea, and in the winter it hardly eats. When spring comes closer it starts to eat again. Before spawning the food consists of plankton, and after the spawning, which takes place from March to July, the mackerel eats small fishes and smaller shellfish.

The mackerel has a high amount of B Vitamins and Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and the meat is sold fresh, smoked and as canned foods.

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Dimensions 30 × 10 cm
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