Spotted woodpecker (15 x 4,5 cm)

Symbolizes: Attention, opportunity, discernment and signaling
Month: March + April

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Dendrocopos major


4 in stock (can be backordered)


The spotted woodpecker lives in Europe, The North of Africa and in large parts of Asia. In Denmark the spotted woodpecker is our most common woodpecker, and it breeds all over the country except for smaller islands with only a few forests.

The spotted woodpecker is very remarkable, especially due to its appearance. The back is black with two oblong and white spots on the shoulders and the underside is white with a red under gump. The male spotted woodpecker is moreover known for his red neck spot. The spotted woodpecker is about 23 cm, and it weighs 90 grams. Beyond this, the woodpecker is remarkable because of its characteristic drum. It drums frequently with up to 20 beats per second in order to mark the territory. The spotted woodpecker is endowed with a quite unique construction of the cranium, which means that it doesn’t get a concussion of the brain because of the drumming. It is said that 3 lengths of the beak are ruined annually.

The Danish spotted woodpeckers are sedentary birds, and that’s why we, as one of the few sounds in the silent winter forest, can hear its drumming. The drum is most frequent in March and April though.

The spotted woodpecker lives in pair, which only lasts for one single season, and it prefers sick or dead trees that are easy to work in. Both the male and the female spotted woodpecker helps pecking out the hole of the nest, and they both hatch out the 4-7 eggs that are laid from the beginning of May.

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