Orange Tip (10,5 x 5 cm)

Symbolizes: Spring, activity and nervousness
Month: April + May

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Anthocharis cardamines

5 in stock (can be backordered)


Orange tip – belonging to the Pieridae family of butterflies, widely spread in all of Europe. It has a wing span of 37-44 mm, and the male orange tip is easy to recognize because of the conspicuous orange tips of the wings, while the female orange tip is actually without the orange color.
The orange tip is found everywhere in flowering and moist meadows. The eggs are laid in the spring on flowers and plants, and investigations have shown that the plants have to be a specific large size if the caterpillar of the butterfly shall have a chance of surviving. Therefore the female orange tip has to choose the plants with care and lay only one egg on each plant.
The orange tip is a true herald of spring, appearing gradually already in April. Though it does not arrive in strength until May, when the dandelions come out, and thus it is most noticeable at that time.
The orange tip flies from April until the end of June. Especially in mild weather the male orange tip is very active. It sucks nectar and tries to find a female mate, and it often seems nervous when waiting for the female orange tip to either refuse or confirm the flirtation.

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