Salmon – a freshwater fisk, preferring to live in inner streams and rivers flowing into the Atlantic Ocean. The salmon is a silver-shining and slim fish, normally with a length of up to 120 centimetres.

The salmon migrates from the ocean to fresh water in order to spawn, and it actually prefers to return to exactly that watercourse, in which it was hatched. Thus the salmon has an incredible ability to smell its way back to the watercourse where it used to live.

The spawning takes place in the autumn or in the winter. The female salmon digs an excavation, and the eggs are covered with gravels and stones in there. The salmon lays from 2500 and up till 10000 eggs! The eggs are hatched later in the spring, and as the salmon has returned to its own birthplace, the salmons in each watercourses are said to be genetically isolated. A salmon hardly ever mates with a salmon from another watercourse.

The salmon is moreover a very valued edible fish. It is filled with Omega-3 Fatty Acids, and we can have it both raw, cooked, roasted and smoked.