Use your Glas & Glimt birds to liven up your spring decorations.

Here are 3 simple ways to “Spring into Spring”


Basic Cake Transformed into a Bird Cake

Use your Glas & Glimt birds to create a playful cake.  You can simply use one bird and create a dramatic silhouette. Extra sprinkle of powder sugar or cocoa powder at the edge of the bird will give the silhouette a strong definition.

1. Create a flat surface on your cake.
2. Arrange your birds.
3. Sprinkle powder sugar and make sure the edges are well covered.
4. Add a little flower or branch to finish the decor.


Spring or Easter Tree

  1. Cut a few budding or bare branches from your garden.

  2. Use a heave vase and stablize the branches into the vase.

  3. Securely hang a few birds onto the branches.

  4. Ensure that the composition is balanced.

  5. Voila! Enjoy your spring in the making!


Glas & Glimt Bird Nest Cake

  1. Start with your favorite cake and cut out a hole to create the nest.

  2. Cover cake with whipping cream and then cocoa powder.

  3. Add pretzels, coconut shavings or chocolate shavings to create a nest structure.

  4. Add egg-shaped candy, secure a twig in place & hang your bird.


Ingredients: Cake, whipping cream, cocoa powder, pretzels/coconut shavings/chocolate shavings, egg-shaped candy, branch, Glas & Glimt bird



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