Dipper (10 x 5,5 cm)

Symbolizes: Nervousness, diving skills and happiness
Month: October + November

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Cinclus cinclus


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The dipper is a  chubby brown bird with a characteristic white breast and a short tail. It breeds in most of Scandinavia, in Great Britain, in Southern and Central Europe and in Central Asia.
It is a rare breeding bird in Denmark, because we only have a few clear watercourses with good current and a stony ground, which are the preferred places to forage for the dipper.
The dipper is thus a rare sight as a resident in this country, but it is more possible to see a dipper in the winter, as the Danish birds are supplementet with dippers from Norway and Sweden at that time.  Migratory birds arrive to Denmark around October or November.
The dipper is typically seen sitting on a stone or a twig nearby a watercourse, while the rump is nervously moved up and down, and we can often her its quiet song of varying tones.
The dipper lives on different small animals found in the water, and it has an unique ability to dive into the water in order to find its food. If you see a dipper sitting in a watercourse, it will be a sign of clear water, as the food of the dipper will disappear in polluted water.

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Dimensions 10 × 5,5 × 0,6 cm

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