Swallow on wings

Symbolizes:  Companionship, the summer's coming, happiness, fitness and stamina
Month: May

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(Dansk) Hirundo rustica

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The barn swallow is a very elegant and fast flier. It is 16-22 cm, and it differs from the other Danish swallows with its red forehead and throat and the cream-colored chest with a brown glow. Moreover the male barn swallow has the longest tail of the three swallows in this country.
The long tail is a status symbol. It is demanding to fly with a long tail, and thereby it demonstrates both physical fitness and endurance, which makes the male barn swallow attractive for the female barn swallow. As fast and impressing while in the air, as clumsy on dry land: the short legs make the walking difficult, and therefore we often see that the barn swallow uses its wings to keep its balance.
The barn swallow is a common breeding bird all our the country, even though the population has declined in recent years, which maybe because of a better hygiene in the stables, which are the preferred places to build nests.
The barn swallow is said to be very social. It arrives around May1st in flock, and thereby they signalize the coming of summer. Great superstition is associated with the barn swallow. It is said to bring happiness – where it builds its nest, happiness will come to the residents of the house.
The Danish barn swallow lays eggs in the begging of June and in the end of July before it leaves us at the end of September in order to spend the winter in Southern Africa.

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