Snow bunting

Symbolizes: Winter, coldness and beauty
Month: October

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Plectrophenax nivalis

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In this country the snow bunting appears as a common winter guest, often arriving in smaller flocks from October and staying until March. It is very conspicuous with its snow-white plumage, fitted out with brownish spots, and for that reason it can not be confused with any other Danish species of birds. It is particularly known for its snowy wings, clearly visible in the flight.

The snow bunting is 15-18 cm, and it weighs 26-40 grams. It is particularly the male snow bunting which is known for the light impression and the white belly, while the female snow bunting has a more yellowish brown color.

The snow bunting is the sparrow that breeds northernmost, typically by rocks, close to ice. It does not breed in Denmark, but arrives with pleasure from the North of Scandinavia, particularly from the Norwegian hills, in order to find warmth. Thus the snow bunting travels towards the south in the winter.

The snow bunting lays eggs from the end af May to the beginning of June, and it is the female snow bunting who hatches out the eggs all by herself.

The ‘snow’-part in the name is said to refer to the snow white plumage of the bird and also to its arctic nationality, and the snow bunting is therefore often connected with winter and coldness.

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