Plaice – A flatfish found everywhere i Danish waters. It is moreover found from the Mediterranean   to Iceland and the White Sea.
The plaice often has a brownish color on the top side and with a green sheen and spread reddish spots, and the underneath is white. Both of the eyes are normally placed on the right side of the fish. It can have a length of up to 100 cm, but the Danish plaices are rarely more than 50 cm.
The plaice prefers to live in places with a bottom consisting of stone, sand and gravels. It lives on  bristle worms and mussels, and it is moreover most active during the night, while the day is spend hiding on the bottom of the sea. The plaice changes its color depending on the colors and the structures of the bottom, and its worst enemies are crabs and codfish.
The spawning takes place at a depth of 20-50 metres from January to June. The eggs float to the surface of the water and are hatched after 2-3 weeks.
The plaice is a good edible fish with white and firm meat.