Robin (12,5 x 4,5 cm)

Symbolizes: Musicality, joy, courage and competitiveness
Month: All months. Period of breeding: May

kr. 299,00

Erithacus rubecula


The robin is a small passerine bird, found everywhere in Europe. Its distribution also covers Western Siberia, Asia Minor and North Africa. The robin is the most common bird to be found in Denmark, and it is a loyal visitor on the bird tables around in the Danish gardens. The robin prefers forest and scrub, and it forages in low vegetation and on earth.

The robin is easily recognized by its clear red chest, thin legs and small black eyes looking like pins. It has a length between 12,5 – 14 cm, and there is no difference between the male and the female robin as they are both completely similar in colourant.

The robin has a very distinctive voice and song. The song is known as a stream of clear tones with a change of tempo and shifts between deep ang high tones. This special musicality of the robin brings along joy and happiness for a lot of people.

It is particularly characteristic of the male robin that he uses his red chest and his song when he fights to protect his territory, whereas the female robin establishes her birth territory by singing.

In wintertime most robins migrate to warmer skies, but if winter is warm in Denmark you will often be able to hear that the male robin is defending his winter territory by singing, thereby demonstrating both courage and competitiveness.

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Dimensions 4,5 × 12,5 × 0,6 cm

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