Plover (12 x 4 cm)

Symbolizes: Sneaking behavior
Month: April - May + July - September

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Charadrius hiaticula


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The plover belongs to the group of wading birds, and they all have a characteristic white collar, contrasting the rest of the dark colors of the bird – thereby giving the bird its name.

The plover is widely spread in Europe and most of Asia. It prefers to live by river banks and lakesides. In Denmark the plover is a species few in number.

Most of the plovers overwinters in Africa, and before they migrate southwards we can see them in smaller flocks by our coasts.

The plover lives on insects and spiders, and it forages on the surface of the ground or in lower water.

The plover breeds for the first time in the age of 1 year. It has a new partner each season, and it lays 4 eggs in May.

The plover is known for its sneaking behavior and its song, which can be heard both night and day.

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Dimensions 12 × 4 cm

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