Hen, Sussex

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The Sussex chicken was developed in its namesake county in the southeast of England. It was bred from native fowl that populated the area and bred almost undisturbed for hundreds of years amongst the rolling green hills. In 1845, England hosted its first poultry show and the Sussex chicken’s popularity blossomed.

Sussex are kind and curious chickens. The hens (“Ladies of the Manor”) are known to gently chat all day and have sunny dispositions, but more surprising, even the Sussex Roosters are happy and gentle.

The Sussex is a big hen, weighing up till 3 kilos. Even though it is a heavy breed, it is still able to fly. The sussex is a light hen with dark areas on the neck and on the tail. It is often recognized on its calm temper and its pretty appearance. It is robust, and most people connects it with the look of a true farm-chicken.

The Sussex is a good layer, but it is also a very good sitting hen, and its chickens grow up and become burly quite fast.

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Dimensions 11 × 9 cm
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