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The White Italian belongs to the breed of Italien chickens, which – as the name indicates – comes from Italy. The White Italian is just one of the many versions of the breed, as it exists in several different color combinations. The White and The Brown Italien are the most common kinds of Italians. It is actually known as one of the most colorful and intelligent chickens, and the Italian is moreover the world’s most widespread breed of chickens.

The rooster weighs 2,2 – 3 kilos, while the hen weighs 1,7 – 2,5 kilos. The Italian is an excellent layer – It lays more than 200 white eggs a year!

The Italian likes to fly, and that is why  it is often found in covered chicken yards. The Italian is also known for having a certain temper, and the breed is tough and extremely lively.

The White Italian does not have much meat on the body, so it is not suitable for slaughtering.

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